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Past and current clients

Here is a list of some of GGM's past and current clients. 

  • Uma Silbey - Author, The Ultimate Guide to Crystals and Stones

  • Maui Vision Magazine

  • Maui Tomorrow

  • Pierce College

  • South Puget Sound Community College


"Taryn was the best mentor ever for designing my web site together. She was always organized before we met (whether by Skype or in person), patiently taught me all the tools I needed, and praised my every step of progress. She's a natural teacher. Taryn knows her field inside and out, but makes a newcomer feel just as able and ready for the challenges of technology and design.
As a result of working with Taryn, my site truly represents me, and feels so close to my heart. She gave me the skills and gave me the credit--though I will always be grateful to Taryn for this creative learning experience!" - 
Crystal Ashley,
Animal Avenues, Olympia, WA

"Taryn is a brilliant Web Master, photographer, Teacher, Healer, artist, Bike Tour guide and the list goes on. She very quickly, efficiently and gracefully created my website and has and is empowering me in many ways beyond the mechanics of creating the site.  She sees my visions and grasps my concepts almost before I do! Endlessly thanking you, Taryn. Blessings Be." - Jill Okura 

“GGM is extremely innovative and forward looking. Taryn researches all possibilities and uses her vast intuition to help me make choices that will serve me in the long run. She is an excellent listener. Knowing that I wanted to be part of the creative experience, she put her skills to work to make my ideas for my business a reality. Taryn has tremendous focus and positive energy that will influence anyone who has the pleasure and privilege to work with her.” – Amy Howell, owner of Discover Therapy (Occupational Therapist and Myofascial Release (John Barnes Therapist)