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Want to work wth us? Here is the process:

Step 1. Free Consultation – Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to find out if GGM is right for you. We will discuss what your goals and needs are, and a timeframe for completion. 

Step 2. Proposal and  Contract  – After our discussion, GGM will send you a cost proposal. After both parties agree on what services will be provided and by when, we will put it in writing with a contract. (If we are doing a website, we will collect a deposit at this time.)

If we are building or redesigning your website ... 

Step 3: GGM will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out about what you would like to see on your website. (For example,  do you need e-commerce? )

Step 4 - Compile  all  logo and images (and videos) that you would like to use and send them to GGM. 

Step 5 - After an agreed upon period of time (usually about two weeks), you will receive a link for a rough draft of your site and you can email revisions. 

Step 6 - Website Launch 

Step 8. - You will receive two hours of instruction on how to make website updated. Post-Maintenance web updates packages are available if needed.

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